Online Sports Betting in the Philippines

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The Philippines?

Online sports betting is legal in the Philippines, and it is a growing sector in the gambling industry. Online sports betting is being managed by PAGCOR, the country’s legal gambling agency, and it states that Filipinos and other nationalities can participate in online sports betting without being apprehended by the law. Filipinos have developed an interest with e-gaming after it was introduced to the country. Many are hooked because of the promises of an instant jackpot, and unlike its real-life counterparts, the player is given a lot of privacy either inside the comfort of their homes or dedicated establishments when they wanted to play. Those who wanted to participate in online sports betting could place their bets on any sports teams around the world, and it includes the most famous American leagues out there – NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. For major sports events, a lot of Filipinos are putting their bets on the teams that they wanted to win.

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This made the Philippines a lucrative destination for those who wanted to gamble. The most accepted form of currency would be the Philippine Peso, although some establishments are also accepting US dollars. According to the gambling laws in the Philippines, online sports betting is allowed as long as the government is regulating the event. Establishments which are allowing these activities inside their premises have to pay their taxes to the government to allow them to continue their operations. Online casinos and online poker websites are also expected to comply with the rules and regulations from the Philippine government, and they would never be allowed to operate in the country if they are not registered.


Filipinos are slowly becoming one of the bigger spenders in the online sports betting industry. Gambling has been a part of the daily lives of the Filipinos, and they have a lot of games that are associated with gambling. Filipinos love cockfighting, or “sabong” in the local dialect, while some malls are also hosting large-scale BINGO games. It is not surprising that online sports betting made an instant appeal among the Filipinos because this is what they like to do. Filipinos are known as hardworking people, and they are also highly religious, and they have been entrusting their lives to luck and chance. The prevalence of online sport betting establishments in the Philippines is a testament that most Filipinos would still rely on luck and chance rather than working hard for the money.

Those who wanted to start doing online sports betting can be assured that they are not violating any laws, given that the establishment they are playing from is registered and known by the Philippines’ gambling agency. There are many ways on how a Filipino could place their bets, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Many have already found their luck in the field of online sports betting and won tons of cash.

What Sports Can I Bet On via Sportsbooks?

Patrons of online sports betting can place their bets on many sports. This includes football, basketball, American football, baseball, tennis, rugby, martial arts, golf, darts, boxing, horse racing, e-Sports, car racing, and even the Olympic Games. Aside from the aforementioned list of games, there are more sports where people can put their bets into. Sportsbooks located in the Philippines have a lot of available establishments where people could visit to place their bets, and the process is made simpler thanks to the influence of technology. For those who wanted to place their bets, all they have to do is to use their bet slip, and it will help the players track all of the bets that they have made.

Sportsbook bonuses

Another good thing about online sports betting in the Philippines would be the involvement of sportsbook bonuses. The bonus given varies per sport, and this is one of the unique aspects of online sports betting. Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar establishment which strictly limits the bonus that they provide, players could earn a lot from sportsbooks because they are ready to give out money as a starting bonus to the player. Whenever they are placing their bets, their money would be matched with a specific percentage of bonuses. This will be given to the player if his or her bet wins. Releasing the bonuses also involves a strict process, and one would not be able to claim their bonus if they would not submit the required papers or even the promotion code that was given before making a bet.

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Live Betting

Another highlight of online sports betting in the Philippines is the involvement of live betting. This is a wagering option for players who wanted to place their bets on games that have already started. It can be accessed using a wide range of devices, and it will transform one’s experience with the entertainment industry. However, not all sports are included in the live betting option, and it is limited only to a few titles. Nevertheless, live betting makes the online sports betting scene more exciting and engaging especially to its Filipino patrons.