Responsible Gambling

Are You A Responsible Gambler

Responsible gambling doesn’t just mean leaving the casino before you spend your last dime. It also means being knowledgeable, recognizing the signs, and taking action when you feel you may have a gambling problem. In this article we will help you realize whether or not you should be concerned with your gambling. If there is a problem, we also offer you actions to take to rearrange your life to get back on track. Gambling problems can affect your life in a negative manner. You can feel a loss of control over your money, feel anxiety and stress from the results of your actions, and be stuck in a downward spiral as other emotions find a comfort in the addiction.

Addiction is not just something that happens to gamblers. People get addicted to shopping, food, tobacco, wine, and several other things. Gambling is just another thing, and technology has provided us the ultimate convenience where we can order or engage in some activities without even leaving our homes. Online casinos helps us nurture the gambling addiction without even trying. Knowing yourself helps you know if you tend to get addicted to things. If you’ve known yourself to over indulge and then feel remorseful later, then there is a reason to be concerned.

Recognizing A Gambling Problem

In order to best identify if you have a gambling problem, you must be honest with yourself about some of your behaviors. Of the following behaviors, if several of them fit your actions, then you may have a real issue. Read on and see how many of these behaviors are familiar to your actions. You:

  • Overspend your budgeted amount for gambling
  • Get irritated if you get interrupted while gambling
  • Tend to chase your losses
  • Are untruthful to people close to you
  • Refuse to leave until you lose your winnings again
  • Really believe that you’ll win big
  • Think that you’re game was out of focus and that’s why you lost
  • Gambling begins to consume your time and thoughts
  • Feel the need to play higher
  • Are dishonest with friends about your gambling
  • Gambling comes before family friends or work

No one choses to have an addiction. It is a sub-conscious situation, and deciding to play less is not going to solve the problem alone. It will take you admitting that there is a problem. That’s when you will find yourself getting the resources that you need to resolve the issue.

Controlling Online Gambling Issues

Here are a few steps you can take on your own to take back your life from online gambling. Read through them to see if it’s really something you can do alone, if not please skip down to the get assistance section.

1. Release your toxic shame about your gambling addiction. Shame is stifling and can prevent you from getting the help or taking action to resolve the issue. Contact your therapist. They can help you get through the feeling of shame as well as keep you accountable for recovery.

2. Online casino games usually let you set limits for your spending. You can have these sites block your account so you aren’t tempted to go over your limits.

3. If you can’t get gambling off your mind even after you’ve been blocked, or you find yourself signing up for other sites you have to control your funding. Lock up or close out your credit cards, close out your payment account and allow your trustworthy person to handle your finances until you can access your money without gambling.

4. Find out what your triggers are. Being bored, anxious, sad, or rejected can cause you to search for feel good activities. Instead, you should look for something to do that you like and start doing it every time your other triggers try to tempt you.

5. If these four things have not changed your gambling or temptation, then you need to get assistance.

Get Assistance

If you are not able to control your problem there are several organizations and groups that can offer help. You are not the only one going through this.

There are people that understand your situation and can offer assistance. Even a simple phone call may help. Don’t give up, while you’re here reading this page you made a conscious choice to verify if there’s a problem.