Online Payment Methods for Asian Casinos

Ecopayz , Neteller, and Skrill – Online Payment Methods for Asian Casinos

Online Asian casino websites often do not offer credit cards as an available payment method for their players and customers. There are some alternative options such as Ecopayz, Neteller, and Skrill that are often available as a payment method for Asian online casinos.


Ecopayz payment method

Ecopayz touts itself as a secure cyber payment platform that can allow customers to send and receive money digitally across the world. One of the most impressive features about this payment service is the outstanding security measures that are put into place to ensure a safe and convenient transaction. This is one of the most popular payment methods for online casinos in Asia. Casinos allow EcoPayz withdrawals in short periods of time, usually less than three days. Some online casinos will even verify withdrawals as low as £5.



Neteller is a cyber transaction platform service that is designed to handle the transfer of money, and has become a popular payment method in Asian online casinos in recent years. This service allows customers to transfer money from their platform, directly into their personal banking account. This is an extremely popular feature, one that makes it an ideal payment method when handling transactions with online casinos in Asia. The impressive security beneath this platform is one of the reasons that is has been successful when dealing within the industry.


Skrill payment method

Skrill allows users to handle their online payments and money transfers through a seamless platform that is convenient to use. Their focus is to make cyber transactions as simple as possible, which makes it a prime candidate for the casino industry in Asia. This platform offers services such as a digital wallet, prepaid cards, and low cost international money transfers at the click of a button. Online casinos across the globe have started integrating this technology into their casino payment methods.

The Lack of Credit Cards in Asian Online Casinos

One of the reasons that this trio of e-wallets has risen to the top of some casino platforms is because many online casinos neglect support for credit and debit cards to avoid some of the common issues that comes with supporting those payment methods. These three e-wallets offer a benefit to casino owners, especially when side stepping some of the annoying side effects of dealing with credit card companies and large banks.

These three e-wallets stand a great chance to continue their rise in online casinos across Asia and the rest of the world. They support an indirect route of transferring money between a bank account and a casino platform, which is ideal for gamblers looking for an alternative payment method when handling their casino transactions.

Safety of These Alternative Payment Methods

Everybody wants to be sure that the payment methods that they use are safe, convenient, and secure at all times. This is not a problem when dealing with the three e-wallets known as Ecopayz, Neteller, and Skrill. Each of these services has ensured its customers that their platforms are capable of handling secure transactions locally, and internationally. In some ways, these platforms could even be safer than traditional payment methods, due to the new technology that is integrated in tracking these monetary transactions. Blockchain technology has also assisted the safety behind some of these transactions.

Casino and Game Information

Many of the casinos that offer these three platforms as payment methods also offer some of the most desired online gambling table games that customers are looking for. These table games include roulette, blackjack, texas hold ’em, and baccarat. Finding a casino with these types of table games automatically makes the casino a hundred times more likely for players to enjoy. The complimentary pair of payment methods assorted with these types of table games for players to enjoy makes for an all around positive experience for the casino and its players.

Asian casinos have been trying to market these new payment methods by partnering them with impressive and generous bonuses for signing up and depositing with one of three e-wallets that were mentioned above. This provides more incentive for players to consider using these payment methods when signing up with the casino. One of the bonuses that Asian online casinos are offering is a matched deposit bonus when signing up. Other casinos have taken a different route and start by offering customers free slot machine spins when signing up with an e-wallet. These payment methods have the potential to be a great marketing tool for casinos to use while they are still becoming more and more popular in their early days. Some casinos expect that these types of digital wallets will become the new ‘normal’ expectation at all online casinos across the world.

The future of e-wallets like Ecopayz, Neteller, and Skrill is very bright, particularly in industries like the online gaming and casino industry. These types of industries are in need of safe and secure online transaction methods that protect the privacy of the customer as well as the casino. This type of payment method is a great indirect way of customers to withdrawal their casino winnings in a convenient and secure way without having to jump through the complicated loop holes that come with the traditional payment methods that are often not even provided by casinos anymore.