Online Keno Guide

How to play online Keno game

Keno is one of the easiest online games to play, very exciting and a lot of fun. The goal of the game is to guess which keno numbers will be selected by the keno computer. The numbers begin at one and usually end at eighty. This is an excellent game for anyone wanting to try their luck to see if they can guess the winning numbers. The first step is to select the amount wagered by either decreasing or increasing the coin size. The player then chooses the keno numbers they believe will be selected. The numbers picked are usually highlighted on the keno board in blue. Once the player is happy with their numbers, they simply click on the play button. The keno machine will then generate twenty balls with the winning numbers. When the player has a matching number, it is referred to as a hit. The hits are usually highlighted in red. If the player has enough hits they win the game.


It is important to remember the numbers selected are completely at random. Some players choose their numbers based on important dates, holidays or lucky numbers. Most online casinos even offer a quick pick option that will select the numbers randomly. A good tip is to use a multi-race card. These cards are offered by most of the online casinos and only enable the player to choose each number once throughout a series of games. This not only saves time, but some players believe this will lead to winning additional games.

Live Keno

Many of the live online casinos offer bonus deals for keno. This is due to the high level of competition between the casinos. Each casino is trying to offer the best bonus because their goal is to attract more players. Looking at the different options available online often results in an extremely beneficial bonus. It is also important to realize online keno moves much faster than keno played in a brick and mortar casino. Once the numbers have been revealed in the online version, the game is over. This means the player can immediately begin another game with no wait. It is a good idea to slow down to prevent wagering too much money too quickly.


Just like with any casino game, its is extremely important to evaluate the risk against the reward before placing a wager. This means the player should decide how much money they are willing to loose opposed to how much they can potentially win. The house edge for keno is high. Depending on the online casino, the edge is between 25 and 40 percent. They player will experience more losses than wins. This is the reason it is better to make smaller bets than larger ones when playing keno. Every player should have an established bankroll. The bankroll for keno should last a fairly long time. This can be easily accomplished when the player’s bets are of a reasonable size. This will enable the player to play more games, increase their enjoyment and increase their odds of winning.

It is critical for keno players to factor in the odds prior to making a wager. The player must choose the numbers they are placing their bets on and can choose between one and fifteen different numbers. It is important to note different online casinos may not offer the same amount of numbers to select. The play can choose as many numbers as they desire provided it remains within the limit of the casino. Selecting the maximum amount of numbers is recommended because it increases the odds of winning. If only a few numbers are selected, the odds of hitting all of the numbers decreases substantially.

A good example is a player who selects twenty numbers for a twenty spot ticket. Their chances of every number they chose being selected is one in 3.5 quintillion. The reason players will do this is because they have a better chance of winning by hitting the catches. If 17 to 19 catches are hit, the payout is close to hitting all twenty of the numbers. The issue is the chances of hitting 17 to 19 different numbers are still low. A smart keno player will not make a large wager when the odds of winning are stacked against them. The best odds for winning at keno is to play more than one ticket for each game. This increases the odds of hitting the winning numbers and coming out a winner.