Craps Tips and Strategies

Craps is a complicated game and many people shy away from playing or even learning how to play. But you don’t have to be afraid; played sensibly and respectfully, craps can be a fun game where you might even make a little money. However, it’s important that you approach the game in the correct way. You must learn how to play the game and also learn the proper etiquette. In this article, I am going to explain some of tips and strategies to get the most out of your craps game.

How to Play

When you are the shooter and it’s the beginning of the game, there is both luck and skill involved. If you roll a 7 or 11, you will win right away, and if you roll a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. However, the odds are most likely you will roll one of the other numbers: a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. If you get one of these numbers, that will become the point and that is the number you will want to get. Rolling a 7 is no longer the goal at this point.

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Game Strategy

Being the shooter is a fine way to make money if the luck is working in your favor, however you may find there is more strategy in making “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass” bets. Some sources online will say that making a Don’t Pass bet is the smarter choice because it gives the better a slight edge over Pass betters. This is because it is more likely that the shooter will not win than if they do. However, most casinos have a rule that erases the Don’t Pass better’s advantage over the house: if the shooter makes a 12, the Don’t Pass better will not win (it will simply be a tie and no money will be won or lost). For this reason, in most casinos it is not any wiser to make a Pass or Don’t Pass bet. Regardless of your choice, it is important to maintain good etiquette. If you make a Don’t Pass bet, try to do so quietly and if you win, do not cheer. Only cheer if the shooter wins. This promotes a positive atmosphere at the crap table. It is important to note that the “Pass” better has a slight advantage on the first roll of the game.

Overall, the Pass bet is one of the best to make because of the odds. However, there is another bet that is even better in casinos: the Free Odds bet. This bet allows you to have a literal 50-50 chance of winning, making it one of the few bets that doesn’t give the house an advantage. To make this bet, you place your chips behind the Pass line. On a Pass Line bet, the house retains an advantage of about 1.41%. However, if you make a Free Odds bet in addition to your Pass Line bet, it lowers the house advantage to .85%. It is also important to note that there are odds for each number you roll. The odds of rolling a 4 or 10 are 2-to-1, the odds of rolling a 5 or 9 are 3-to-2 and the chance of getting a 5 and 8 are 6-to-5. This is represented by the likelihood of rolling a 7 in relation to the other numbers.

How to Win at Craps


When making a Don’t Pass bet, there are differences. A Don’t Pass better must be willing to lay more money on their bets than Pass betters because the odds are more in their favor. For example, if the point is 5 or 9, the Don’t Pass better must put down $6 to win $4. This is a necessity in order to keep the game fair. While the house retains a smaller advantage on these Don’t Pass bets, more money is potentially sacrificed for the Don’t Pass better. As the numbers continue to increase, it becomes increasingly impractical for the Don’t Pass better, which is why most people try to bet on the shooter rather than against them.

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In addition to the Pass/Don’t Pass bets, there are Come/Don’t Come bets, which are similar except that they are made after the shooter has had their turn and a point has been rolled. There are also similar odds with these bets, however, unlike Pass/Don’t Pass bets, the bet continues on each roll with a Come/Don’t Come approach. Two bets you want to stay away from are the Big 6 and the Big 8. Your likelihood of winning is extremely low compared to regular bets. These bets are simply there to make money for the house, so they are not a good investment; never make these bets.

Hopefully these tips will help get you started on the journey to being a more-skilled craps player. The game itself is not as difficult to learn as many people think, although there are definitely rules which take a bit of patience to learn. Stick with it and try to think of some new strategies in your free time. Best of luck and have fun!