Casino Reviews

How to Evaluate Casino Reviews

When it comes to just about anything in life, it’s critical that you do your due diligence before committing to anything, and this is especially true for online casinos. It’s critically important to check casino reviews before you register for them, and especially before you plan or deposit any money. However, the important bit is knowing how to evaluate online casino reviews to take out the information that you want. Here’s some information on how exactly you do that.

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Online Casino Checklist 

online casino money

It’s important to check out games before you play them to ensure that you get the best possible experience. One effective way to do this is to head to the developer’s site and try out the demo. You can do this for most popular developer games, and you can play the demo completely for free. See how it runs on your computer if there are any problems, anything you don’t understand, and so on. The more thoroughly you check the game, the more likely you are to be sure that it will run smoothly on your computer when you’re playing for money. And this is obviously going to be especially important.


Another thing that should be on your checklist is making sure the security checks out, that there are the kinds of software and developer’s you want on the site, that you have banking options that match up with what you want to use, that the site is properly licensed, that there are fast and secure payouts, how they treat their customers, what kind of support options they have, and related data. Anything that’s more aesthetic may not be necessary as much, like UI or what things look like. It’s important to make sure that you pick out what matters most to you. Perhaps you can narrow this list down considerably based on what you tend to find most important in online casinos. It’s still an extremely good idea to make sure that you check the payment, licensing, security and banking options though. These are not areas where you want to make any kind of mistake on.


Game Variety

Casino games

This consideration is going to depend quite a bit on personal preference. If you love video poker, then make sure that there’s enough of these types of games to go around. The same goes for slots, live dealership games, or any other kind. You don’t want to check out every other aspect of a site and decide that it’s safe for you to use and works conveniently, but then further discover that you hate all the games there and that they are all the same.


So, when you’re checking out casino reviews, make sure you focus on all the different ways that games can be varied. For example, as mentioned, there are general variations like table, slots, and so on, but there are further subdivisions worth paying attention to as well. For example, there are also progressive jackpots versus games that don’t have them. Obviously, it’s not really a big deal if not every game has a progressive jackpot, but if you’re someone who really gets extra excitement fro imagining hitting that number that flashes across your screen to the tune of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, then it would be a shame to play a casino that didn’t actually do this at all.


This should be under the games section of the review. Plus, of course, there’s also the thematic variety as well. If you only have traditional slots with the bar and the fruit, this isn’t a problem if you love this style, but if you don’t fancy looking for those cherries over and over again in slightly different varieties, you may want to pay attention to reviews that tell you this is the case.


Some people like it a lot more if there’s more of a theme to go with the game, for example. And it’s often the case that people love it even more if there’s a variety of different themes to go with the game. Reviews that say that an online casino has graphics that are essentially all the same and the theme always has something to do with Egypt may indicate that you should stay clear of that particular casino.



Casino payouts

Another important aspect to evaluate in reviews will have to do with exactly what kind of payouts you can expect. As previously mentioned, big jackpots appeal to riskier types of players. You’ll want to see what kind of odds you get, and just how big you can win. Some players may prefer to be more moderate in their playing, for example, and like it a lot more if they win just al little bit but the odds of doing so are a lot higher. You can get a great buzz from just winning a small amount multiple times in a row. However, other players aren’t as interested in this, and instead, only want games that have earth-shattering victories available.


A good review should have these lined up for you. You should be able to pick up what kind of online casino you’re looking at like right away. This can be described in terms of high-risk low risk, medium risk or some other similar way of setting it up. If you have a review site that does it this way, it’s going to be a lot easier to scan through the sites on the review page and pick out the kind of sites you want right away, based on your particular preference and playstyle. Ideally, it would also help to stack all of the reviews together into categories. However, the point is that if you love a particular playstyle in terms of payouts and loathe other styles, your eyes should drift to this part of the review first. You’re definitely not going to want to go through the process of registering for a site only to discover that they have virtually no jackpots when you’re someone who typically has jackpot fever.

Security and Safety

Security and Safety of online casinos

There’s no doubt that this should be your primary concern when looking at reviews, at least to some degree, namely what kind of security they have. At the very least, you should look for possible deal breakers, like if they don’t encrypt their data, or if they don’t have something like AES 256 for transferring the data. It also certainly helps to make sure that they have security seals on their site of some kind from third parties.


For example, some will have a seal from a site like McAfee to ensure to you that the site is safe to use. It also helps to check the user reviews to make sure that no one had this kind of security problem on the site. It’s also important to make sure that there’s a third party involved in the situation as well, if possible. For example, there are parties that check for the continued fair gaming situations in online casinos. These companies live and die by their reputation, so even if they are hired by a particular online casino, the third-party companies would still report on it if they thought that some practices the casino was engaging in were unfair in some way.

This could come from the casino site itself, but it also could be coming from the players on the site. A third-party review company would help to make sure that the situation remains fair. This means when you’re going through and looking for an online casino that you think will work for you, that you should certainly double-check the reviews to see if the casino has this kind of third-party regulation ready to go.


Licensing of online casinos

Online casinos are also companies that depend strongly on their reputations. One way of verifying that the company has a base-line of trustworthiness is by checking what kind of licenses they hold. These licenses are granted by various companies, and usually on the behalf of a particular country as well. While looking through reviews, it would certainly help if you can find out from the review site what exactly the licensing company is, and even what kind of reputation they might have. You can even check this on your own as well, but it’s certainly much better if you can get the information from the review site. Different companies have different sorts of reputations as licensing organizations.


It’s most ideal to go for a company that has a license from a place that is well-recognized. This could be a commission, a board or a gaming authority. Some examples of this include the Malta Gaming Authority, which is coming out of the country of Malta, of course. It’s well-respected and it’s a good sign if the review you’re checking indicates that a company is registered through here.


Others include the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the United Gaming Commission, The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, the organization from New Jersey and others.


Casino bonus

Bonuses are certainly a big reason why people play online casinos in the first place, and at the least, they are a big incentive to go for one instead of another. It’s important to check the reviews to make sure that the bonuses offered are actually legitimate, however. If some site is offering something that’s way out of the ordinary, like 10 thousand dollars or something, then it’s worth checking to make sure this is actually what they offer and not just a scam. The review should mention how they determined this. It’s worth checking!

Bonuses can include free spins, deposit matching programs, or other kinds of incentives. A review of all of these incentives as well as how they compare to others is worth checking out. That way, if you’re stuck between two potential reviews and two potential casino sites, something like a bonus could determine which one you might want to go within general. These bonuses can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Related to bonuses is the idea of VIP status. This is a kind of bonus that you receive in some places just for betting enough per day or as determined by some other metric. Once you have VIP status, you often receive boosts to other aspects of the game such as more free spins, higher max limits on deposits and betting, as well as potential extras when it comes to customer service, for example.

Banking Options

Banking Options

You will want to double-check that the banking options a company for online casinos has before you start registering to play there. Most will offer credit card, but it’s worth checking what kind of cards they have to make sure that they are the same kinds that you have. Most will also offer banking options related to direct deposits and so on, but that is also worth checking, including for things like Western Union, deepening on your preference. Additionally, it helps to see if, in addition to the usual bank options, there are other funding options that you might want to use instead. These could include Bitcoin, or it could include other methods that are a bit off the beaten path.

Casino Software

online Casino Software

There are many casino software options out there, from many different developers. It helps if you can check the review for what kind of software the casino site runs, and what kind of developer worked on it. It also would help to get a background on the kinds of developers that are up there. Example include Playtech, Evolution, and many others. They all have their own sorts of unique styles and strengths based on what they can do. If you try out a different piece of software from the same developer, it might give you a sense for what the software is going to be like for the particular casino that’s being reviewed, for example.

Some developers focus more on live online dealers than others as well, and this will have an effect on what you might think about them based on what you’re particular preference is.


The sort of support that an online casino has is going to be easily one of the most important things about them in the review. You’ll want to look at this section fairly closely. It should tell you whether they have live chat, and what kind of hours the live chat runs on, for example. There should also be some information about how people evaluate the live chat and what kind of evaluations are out there in terms of how people experienced customer service.


Other types of support should also be outlined and evaluated, including support over a phone line, email, forms, and whatever else. Customer service reputation is obviously extremely important when it comes to what casino you should go to because of the sums of money being thrown around. You’re going to want to go somewhere that responds quickly to any kind of problem and gives you satisfactory answers within a short time frame, whenever possible.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the important thing is to make sure that you’re focused on getting the most important bits of info from the reviews. You don’t want to get too distracted by anything that’s on the surface like the colors it’s using or something. Reviews should be hitting how secure the site is, based on real-life experiences. They should be hitting what kind of incentives you get in terms of bonuses and in terms of VIP status as well, though this is perhaps not quite as important. It’s also important to make sure that the casino site in question has a good reputation, both through reviews as well as other means, like certifications. There are several good certifications for casinos out there online, and it’s important for a review to mention whether a casino has these certifications or not. If they don’t have any certifications, it’s often a better idea to go with a different casino that does, simply due to the gross stakes involved in general. Of course, it’s also always important to check out your banking options as well, since you want to feel secure with where you put your money and how it gets in there. If a casino doesn’t have the type that you want, then you may also want to go elsewhere. It’s important to feel like you can trust a casino with your money, and having the banking option you want for it will often go a long way to make sure that this is indeed the case. Other parts of the reviews may be less or more important to you, with security being a top concern, but perhaps variation and theme being less important.

When it comes to security, you’ll want proof of seals for security for the site from reputable places such as McAffee, for example. It will also be of great importance to make sure that there’s a third-party overseeing everything as well, for added layers of protection. If a place has your favorite game, that will be an important thing to note as well, of course. However, as long as an online casino has enough games that hold your interest, making sure they have complete variety may not be essential in general. In the end, it all comes down to what you want.