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Poker traces a history to the mid-1800s. The development of game play, game types, and the social welfare of sport has turned this term into a mecca. Most in-house establishments feature many variations of the game, citing Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud, Red Dog, and a variety of others as the most popular versions of play. The extension of the game has also reached the online platform, allowing players to compete for supremacy against opponents from all over the globe. Below is a guide of the many different online poker variations, a brief look at some of the most popular online talents, and additional information surrounding the online scope.

Online Poker Games

Online Poker Game Types

Amongst the most popular game types, Texas Hold ‘Em takes the cake as the most played variation. The game consists of a 2-card hand that is dealt to all players face down. The player uses these cards to gain traction across the hand. Each hand consists of 5 different community cards one can use to make winning combinations.

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Initial betting is taken on the 2 cards you are dealt, with persistent betting relating to speculation of what the community cards have to offer or bluffing off the other competitors. Three deals make up the 5 community cards: the flop, the turn, and the river. The flop reveals three cards and then time for betting is allotted. The turn and the river are each one-card flips. After each deal, betting is collected. If your hand begins to weaken, you can check or fold. The progression of the game comes with the rise of the blinds. A blind is a certain amount of money a user must throw in prior to the cards being dealt. There are two blinds to consider: a large blind and a small blind. The blinds rotate clockwise around the table, with only two users forfeiting this payout prior to the dealing of cards. Blinds rise progressively, usually based on minute limits and restrictions.

3 Steps To Become a Poker Winner

Seven card stud is the second most popular game utilized via the online marketplace. The same 7-card structure is utilized, but there are no community cards. Each player receives 7 cards, four of which are face up and three that remain face down. Three cards are dealt at the first round, two down and one up. The lowest showing card represents the beginner to the betting. Three more are dealt face up, with betting taking place with each card that is dealt. The final card is dealt face down and represents the final betting commencement. This game gives less insight into the other player’s hands with only 4 cards being shown, but it gives the user a better picture as to which cards remain in a deck with more cards being shown with games that feature a larger player pool.


The game of Red Dog is less populated due to the random nature of the game. This game relies heavily on luck, with players attempting to beat the dealers. Each player is dealt 5 cards face down. The dealer than turns a card from the remaining deck. If the betting player possesses a card of the same suit at a higher rank, they reclaim their bet and the pot equivalent of this bet. This is also known as a double up. If they do not, they must contribute a second chip count of their initial bet. This double-or-nothing game continues until there are no chips left in the pot. The game starts with a chip ante that progresses as time goes by, utilizing a similar blind structure to that of other online poker games.

Famous Online Poker Players

Due to the longstanding history in the online marketplace, it is no surprise that many players have shown their claims to fame in these online casinos. Three recognizable poker professionals have taken the online game for a ride that has landed them in the millions of rakes. Phil Helmuth, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Cates are all touring professionals that have eclipsed the $10 million mark in online cash-outs. None have outdone the resume that Finish professional Patrik Antonious has amassed. His earnings have climbed past the $15 million mark and continue to rise. There is a rich history of others that have become millionaires thanks to this online game play and this number of individuals continues to rise with the opening of many different online platforms and establishments. Some sites even offer players the opportunity to claim in-house seats in some of the top poker tournaments on the planet, making the prize pot that much sweeter to competitors.

Strategies, Tips, and Bonuses

One of the main draws of these online establishments is their ability to create promotions and bonus offers. These bonus offers range from chip accumulations to doubling your buy-in. Proceed with caution, as most of these offers come with giant playthrough numbers that are difficult to eclipse. The user stands to receive the best combination of bonus offers with casinos that match your buy-in or double your credits. These promotion offers are widely offered to first time players, calling for a sampling of sites from users to spread your accumulation of free play cash.

When it comes to game play, it is important to know your odds. Roulette, for example, has odds that are clearly displayed for the user. This numbers game associates a 50/50 ratio of colors and numbers the wheel to a certain range. This helps the user clearly define the odds and risk they are taking with each bet. While the payouts remain small for better odds, this also represents the highest ‘sure thing’ there is at an online casino. The game of stud allows the user to exercise the greatest amount of visibility. Transparency becomes relevant with larger games and more cards showing, helping the user mentally eliminate cards from a deck. This game represents some of the best odds for users, while Hold ‘Em and Red Dog contain higher levels of chance and inconsistencies. It is best to play some video poker options before entering the live game play atmosphere. This will give you a better understanding of the game and highlights the variants in hands dealt and money bet.